Menu card

Broccoli soup 20 crowns
Main dishes:
Fried cauliflower, vegetable garnish 50 crowns
Fried cheese, vegetable garnish 60 crowns
Chicken cutlets, vegetable garnish 50 crowns
Chicken steak Gordon Bleu, vegetable garnish 65 crowns
Chicken breast, vegetable garnish 65 crowns
Pork steak, vegetable garnish 50 crowns
Pork steak, bread, pickles 50 crowns
Side dishes:
Fries (200g) 20 crowns
American potatoes (200g) 25 crowns
Roll (1 piece) 3 crowns
Bread (2 pieces) 4 crowns
Something to the beer:
Pepper sausage, mustard, bread 38 crowns
Marinated cheese 45 crowns
Pickled sausage 30 crowns
Potato pancake with sausage 12 crowns
Bread with lard and onion 15 crowns
Pizza (according to current offer)
The others:
Ketchup (30g) 5 crowns
Tartar sauce (48g) 8 crowns
Chocolate wafer 10 crowns
Chocolate 25 crowns
Pretzels 16 crowns
Potato chips 22 crowns
Pistachios 25 crowns